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Date: 2022-08-20
While establishing evening time and yuletide square measure the highlights of the league’s agenda reveal, it’s sometimes amusing to dig slightly deeper. Here square measure many notes and numbers regarding the 2022-23 agenda, with a put concentration on each crew’s initial twenty video games.
1. Back-to-backs and relaxation blessings

Reducing the number of returned-to-returned units each crew performs remains a priority for the league. And this season, teams can common thirteen.three returned-to-backs, down from thirteen.five remaining season and nineteen.three eight years agone (2014-15). No crew has fewer than twelve and no crew has bigger than fifteen.

For the second right away season, there are not anyt any stretches of four video games in five nights at the preliminary agenda (postponements finally created ten such times remaining season). And there square measure fewer times (30, down from 47) of a crew gambling five video games in seven nights. Last season, there had been teams with five of those 5-in-seven stretches. This season, no crew has bigger than .

Though overall returned-to-backs square measure down from remaining season, the number of video games whereby every teams square measure gambling with out relaxation is up from forty one to fifty four. That sincerely makes matters slightly bigger truthful, as a result of it reduces the number of video games whereby one crew incorporates a relaxation gain. There square measure 290 relaxation-gain video games (23.6% of the complete agenda) in 2022-23, down from 324 (26.three%) remaining season and therefore the bottom overall in as a minimum the remaining twenty six years.

A relaxation-gain sport is one whereby one crew performed the day/night time before, but the various didn't. Over the remaining three seasons, teams square measure 507-398 (0.560) in relaxation-gain video games, 307-222 (0.580) at domestic and 200-176 (0.532) at the avenue.

Back-to-backs and relaxation-gain video games, only if 2014-15
Season B2B Per crew each B2B Rest Adv.
2014-15 580 nineteen.three ninety four 392
2015-16 534 seventeen.8 75 384
2016-17 491 sixteen.4 71 349
2017-18 433 fourteen.4 52 329
2018-19 398 thirteen.three fifty 298
2019-20* 371 twelve.4 39 293
2020-21** 457 fifteen.2 67 323
2021-22 406 thirteen.five forty one 324
2022-23 398 thirteen.three fifty four 290

B2B = Total returned-to-backs
Both B2B = Games whereby every teams performed the day/night time before
Rest Adv. = Games whereby one crew performed the day/night time before, but the various didn't.
* Original agenda
** Once video games had been re-scheduled & performed

Note that there had been twenty seven fewer returned-to-backs withinside the 2019-20 agenda (that become by no suggests that performed in its entirety). That’s (as a minimum in part) thanks to the very fact there had been three bigger days withinside the traditional season. The league brought hebdomadally to the agenda in 2017, but misplaced three of those seven days while it brought the Play-In Tournament and affected the quit of the traditional season up from Wed to Sunday.

While the number of returned-to-backs selection from merely 12-15, the number of video games whereby a crew faces associate degree opponent on the second evening time of a returned-to-returned degrees from seven (Knicks) to eighteen (Hawks, Lakers and Raptors). With that, there square measure quite Brobdingnagian degrees withinside the number of relaxation-gain and relaxation-downside video games.

Rest gain

Most (14): Hawks, Lakers
Fewest (five): Hornets, Knicks

Rest draw back

Most (13): Warriors, Clippers
Fewest (6): Suns

2. Two-sport assortment and prolonged remains in the big apple and L.A.

The NBA has elevated the number of instances teams play consecutive avenue video games in the big apple or la.

The largest agenda evolution over the previous couple of years is that the addition and endured boom of -sport assortment, whereby teams play right away video games withinside the equal arena. Introduced in 2020-21 to reduce journey during a condensed agenda, -sport assortment remained with the return to a “normal” agenda remaining season, while there had been twenty three such assortment.              powered By New Sporting news

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