Ellen DeGeneres Reacts to Ex Anne Heche's Hospitalization once automobile Crash by New Sporting News

Date: 2022-08-12
Amid her ex's hospitalization, Ellen DeGeneres has kind words for Ann Hatch.

Former daytime chat show host Heche shared tentative comments about her relationship with the World Health Organization, whom she dated from 1997 to 2000. Once asked by an artist if she had spoken to Hatch after her automobile accident, DeGeneres replied, "We're not really with each other, so I don't understand."

Still, DeGeneres confirmed that she needs her well and sends the same to the camera, "I don't want anyone to get hurt."

"It was quite a dangerous accident, wasn't it?" asked the lensman.

As she headed to her automobile, DeGeneres replied, "Sure was."

The comedian has publicly addressed Heche's automobile accident for the first time since he was hospitalized with burns. At that point, Heche crashed his blue Mini Cooper into a two-story home, igniting a furnace that required about sixty firefighters to put out.

"Right now, Ann is in critical condition," the actress' rep told Mon ET "He included a vital respiratory organ injury that required mechanical ventilation and burns that required surgical intervention."

The representative continued, "He is in a deep coma and has not regained consciousness since the accident."

Staten Island University Hospital burn unit director Dr. Michael L. Cooper, not concerned with the World Health Organization's treatment of Hatch, shared the nature of Hatch's injuries.

"She sustained AN inhalation injury, which means she had an airway injury," he told ET. "He couldn't breathe on his own, and he or she additionally had third-degree burns, which required surgery. So, this area unit is seriously injured. He's fighting for his life right now." Powered by New Sporting News..

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